Sia Lee
General Information
Race Vampire
Age 22

25 (3 years later)

Status Alive
Occupation Model
Family Father
Moran Lee (sister)
Ragi Lee (brother)'
Jiho Shion (husband)
Debut Chapter 1
Character Status Main Character

Sia Lee is the main female character of the webtoon. She is a model who is actually a vampire that feeds on human energy by touching them. She is attracted to Jiho Shion's energy and thinks he is one of a kind and struggles to aid him heal from mysophobia so that she can touch (feed on) him.

Appearance & PersonalityEdit

As a natural characteristic of all vampires, she is quite beautiful and holds special charm over her opposite gender. She has been popular since her school life and can't remember any occasion when she was alone.


One day, Sia is on the way to her new rooms. She catches attention in public, even among other girls. On her way, she bumps into a guy and accidentally touches his hand when collecting the fallen books of the guy. Immediately, she falls for the energy drawn from him. However, she is mistaken for a perverted stalker and the guy warns her from meeting ever again. But the next thing she knows, they end up being next door neighbors!

Sia learns that her neighbor's name is Jiho Shin from a parcel of books for him which are mistakenly delivered at her place. However, when she goes to return the things, Jiho doesn't let her in which infuriates her. She is determined to prove her innocence as well as 'touch' Jiho again. Later she saves Jiho from the real stalker girl at a store and manages to prove her innocence. But Jiho's behavior towards her remain indifferent and she decides to give up on her prey.

Although Sia tries to feed on other preys during photo-shooting but no energy satisfies her palette as much as Jiho did. In her lifetime, Jiho is the only prey who she couldn't get. Confused and disappointed, she meets up with her childhood friends, Baryu and Sihwan.