Ragi Lee
Ragi Lee
General Information
Race Vampire
Age 20
Status Alive
Occupation college student
Family father
Moran Lee (sister)
Sia Lee (sister)
Debut Episode 90
Character Status Supporting Character

Ragi Lee is a supporting character in unTouchable and Sia Lee's brother.


Ragi has dyed orange hair that is lighter at it's tips and green eyes. Originally, his hair is brown like his father's and he used to wear glasses. He himself says that he "said good-bye to his nerd-days".


Still being a college student, Ragi lives with his parents. He first appears in Ep. 90, in which Sia is forced to live with her parents again, since her father got a hint from Moran that Sia is dating Jiho. He seems to get along with Sia very well and pitys her to be under their father's watch 24/7. In Ep. 93, it is first seen that he is going out with a human and on top of that with his father's permission. Sia caught him kissing his girlfriend and confronts him with this; and finds out that her father told Ragi not to tell Sia that he is going out with a human.