Episode 39
you don't know?
Raw Release Date Unknown
Translation Release Date 10 March 2015
Volume 01
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Jiho is very disturbed over Baryu's relation with Sia and can't even sleep being unable to get the topic off his head.

The next day, he meets Sia early in the morning on the pretense of returning the ladle and takes her out on a walk. He asks Sia about the name 'Simba' and she becomes embarrassed. She then explains that it's a nickname which only Baryu uses to address her. It is taken from Lion King movie which she and Baryu used to watch and ever since then he has called her 'Simba' saying that her hair is like lion's mane. Jiho further learns that Sia and Baryu are very close friends who have been together since childhood. Sia claims that they know about each other more than anyone else. She then goes on to praise Baryu's excellency at singing and even suggests Jiho to listen to his songs. Jiho, however, has been growing gloomier at Baryu's constant praise and all, and simply states that he hates listening to music.

During work, Sia wonders to herself why Jiho acted strange and didn't even hold hands with her. But she quickly remembers Baryu's advise to not empathize with food and trains herself to think that Jiho is only chicken to her.

Back at his apartment, Jiho's mind is occupied with thoughts of only Sia and Baryu's relationship. In order to divert his mind, he decides to catch some fresh air. However, outside Sia's door, he finds a suspicious looking man who turns out to be Baryu in disguise. Jiho reveals his curiosity at meeting a celebrity so often. Baryu explains that his album being finished, he has some free time which he intends to spend with Simba everyday. This irritates Jiho and he tells Baryu that Sia isn't at home and she will return rather late from work. It doesn't bother Baryu who plans to wait inside and surprise Simba. Just as he starts is about to admit himself in Sia's apartment, Jiho stops him. Jiho chides Baryu for attempting to enter without the inhabitant's knowledge. However, Jiho is taken back instead of Baryu who asks him with a rather sarcastic and bewildered expression if he doesn't even know the password (despite being her boyfriend).