Episode 38
Ep 38 baryu sia
who the hell are you?
Raw Release Date Unknown
Translation Release Date 03 March 2015
Volume 01
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Jiho is shocked to see someone other than Sia in front of his door at such a late hour. He doesn't recognize Baryu and wonders where he had seen the guy. Baryu steals a slight smile and feigns having knocked at the wrong door. He then excuses himself from the hyung (Jiho) to head at Simba's place. Jiho is shocked to see Baryu ring at Sia's door and, even more surprisingly, watch him being let inside.

Once Baryu gets inside, Sia lectures him to cover his face, reminding him of the paparazzi traps of past. However, Baryu throws away her suggestion since his fans can recognize him anyway. Sia is surprised that he has come without Sihwan while Baryu relishes being able to spend quality time alone with her. He holds her hand in ecstasy. A sudden uneasiness comes over Sia and she withdraws her hand. Baryu notices it but keeps on touching her again and again. Immensely irritated, Sia shoves him off and demands of him to spill out the real reason of his visit.

Baryu settles down and invites Sia to join him on a vacation trip. His band has finished an album work and have a break before starting to work on their next one. So, he suggests the three of them (Sia, Sihwan and himself) go on a trip like the old days to rest from their busy life. As Sia takes her time to think about the proposal, Baryu sinks into melodrama, crying aloud that Sia doesn't like him anymore and is too busy dating the other guy. Sia negates his statement at which, Baryu turns back to normal. He reminds her over and over how vampires must not show empathy to their food and never mistake the attachment with their prey as love.

While talking, Baryu moves closer to Sia but a sudden ring at door interrupts. Jiho who has come around to check on Sia hurriedly makes up an excuse when she meets him at the door. Baryu greets him as the 'hyung next door' and teases him for showing up at a girl's house that late at night. Sia is surprised to find that the guys have met before and quickly introduces Jiho to Baryu as her boyfriend. All the while, Jiho has been noticing Baryu's hand placed on Sia's shoulder. Baryu gaily takes his leave, telling Jiho that they'll be meeting often. As Baryu walks away, Jiho asks Sia about the guy. Sia explains that Baryu is a childhood friend who is the main vocalist of the popular idol group "O'RNIJ".

Jiho then returns to his rooms and browses info on Baryu. He recalls that he had seen the guy in their apartment before and realizes he was the one who drank with Sia till late night. Jiho gets annoyed and looks up some paparazzi photos next. A sudden pain seizes his chest while he gazes at the intimate photos of Sia with Baryu.