Episode 37
i'm here.
Raw Release Date Unknown
Translation Release Date 23 Feb 2015
Volume 01
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Sia helps out a co-worker with a shoulder massage, feeding on her powers in the meantime. Even though the taste of the absorbed energy is quite bland, she has to put up with it for her own survival. Sia thinks of her most craved feast: Jiho and feels determined that she can wait a bit longer as she has already endured the long wait for months. Right then, she receives a call from Jiho who is in a book store. Since Sia has finished with her work, they decide to meet up and go home together.

Jiho recalls his first time intentionally holding hands with Sia. It was quite awkward how he tightly gripped Sia's hand that it hurt and couldn't think of letting go even after dishes were served for dining. But since that day, he feels that they have become closer than before. He has been strolling past the magazine section when one of the magazines catches his attention. Its cover photo has Sia in it and Jiho stops to take a look. Thinking whether to buy it, he overhears the conversation between two girls beside him. They are Baryu fans who can't tolerate his childhood friend and model, Sia Lee and gossip about the many paparazzi photos of the duo. When they comment Sia is not pretty, Jiho interferes their conversation and claims that Sia is pretty. The girls mistake him for a crazy Sia Lee fan and walk away, giggling over meeting a 'handsome guy'.

Later, Sia meets up with Jiho as promised and they go for grocery shopping. Sia learns that Jiho is a good cook because of having to live alone for many years. When Jiho asks her what food she likes to eat, she instantly replies 'chicken', albeit keeping to herself that she actually means Jiho. He then offers to cook for her with a smiling look and Sia feels her heart racing again.

As they walk home carrying the goods, Sia insists on sharing the bags so that each of them have an empty hand to hold. They hold hands and while walking, Sia explains that holding hands with Jiho feels good and relaxed in a way that she has never experienced before. Jiho admits having the same feeling. Then he shares with Sia that he wants to see a counselor about his OCD. Sia proposes introducing her psychiatrist sister.

At night, Jiho thinks of Sia mentioning her sister and realizes that he doesn't know anything about the people around Sia - her family and friends. He also recalls the conversation of the girls from the book store and feels a bit annoyed about Sia's rockstar childhood friend. Suddenly his doorbell rings and Jiho rushes to answer, certain that only Sia would visit him in such hour. However, as soon as he opens the door, Jiho is shocked to find that his late night visitor is not Sia, but Baryu!