Episode 36
Ep 36
you can't do this
Raw Release Date Unknown
Translation Release Date 16 Feb 2015
Volume 01
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In response to Jiho's explanation that he is having a difficult time being with her, Sia retorts how she is also having difficulties to reach out to him. Their conversation comes to an end as Jiho leaves Sia.

The next day, Jiho sits in the park and wonders to himself whether a loving heart is not enough to express love between two people. Seeing the couples around him, he realizes that the natural relationship between couples and thinks of himself as the one who is acting unnatural.

On the other hand, Sia is also wondering to herself why the situation hasn't been progressing with them at all. Jiho is angry at her and she cannot even understand what he meant by those words. Sia recalls Ms. Kim's advice: to think about how he feels. Sia realizes that she has never thought about human beings as more than food and so has never tried to understand their feelings. She tries to look at the situation from Jiho's point of view and finally realizes that he has been having trouble because he hasn't got over his OCD yet. She realizes that Jiho needed time but she has selfishly thrown herself on him. She wants to make it up to Jiho and reaches to her phone. A sudden message arrives from Jiho, telling her to meet up. Sia is shocked to think of the probability that he might want to break up with her.

Sia meets up with Jiho, rather flustered about what he might say to her. When Jiho is about to speak up, her nervous limit is crossed and she pleads to let her speak first. She then apologizes for being selfish and continues on to say that she doesn't want to break up until Jiho stops her. To her surprise, Jiho takes her hand and dragging her by his side, tells that they should stop talking and rather go for dinner. Sia is ecstasic at Jiho holding her hands but her ecstasy expires as soon as she notices that he has his gloves on. Then Jiho takes his turn to apologize to her and explains he is just not used to getting touched yet. He assures that he is trying his best to improve and requests her to wait a little longer. All the while, Sia feels her heart fluttering and a sense of comfort having come over her even though they have not directly touched. 

Meanwhile, Baryu and Sihwan are stuck in the traffic. Baryu wishes to spend time with 'simba' now that he has a break and is near her neighbourhood. Sihwan, on the other hand, has seen something which he tries to hide from Baryu. However, Sihwan's attempt fails and Baryu catches the view of Jiho and Sia holding hands and walking together, with a radiant blush on Sia's face - a scene he is unable to withstand.