Episode 35
is this why you're seeing me?
Raw Release Date Unknown
Translation Release Date 10 Feb 2015
Volume 01
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Sia's seduction technique fails to work on Jiho. He drives Sia away from his room. Before slamming the door on her face, he expresses disappointment at Sia's reason for seeing him.

Sia passes a troubled night, thinking why her actions have backfired. She answers Baryu's text by telling him about her failure. She is also embarrassed with herself to go out of her way and is at a loss how to face Jiho anytime soon. Just as she is about to go for work, she bumps into Jiho. However, Jiho ignores her and walks away. Jiho continues to ignore her sms and calls all day long. This makes Sia quite frustrated even while working. She shares her trouble with Miss Kim who advises her to be understanding about her boyfriend and clear up misunderstandings before it's too late. Sia is worked up realizing the possibility of Jiho breaking up with her. So, she hurries back home to talk to Jiho.

Sia finds Jiho right in front of his room and insists him to listen to her. She apologizes for her actions of the previous night and inquires about his feelings. Jiho retorts that he thought at least she should understand his situation and reveals how everything regarding going out with her is so difficult to him. Yet, she is the one who is advancing inconsiderately, having it all easy. All this time, Sia listens to Jiho with utter shock.