Episode 34
get wet or take it off
Raw Release Date Unknown
Translation Release Date 2 Feb 2015
Volume 01
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Sia confirms that Jiho is her food interest not love interest, Baryu decides to help her with some advice on sex appeal so that she can hunt and break up with the guy faster.

Baryu returns home with a happy face. Sihwan who has stayed up late for his friend inquires of the reason for his mood change and Baryu smugly replies that Sia has affirmed 'the guy' as nothing but her prey and so he has helped her out with advice. Fancying himself as Sia's husband-to-be, Baryu compliments himself as the owner of a big and understanding heart.

Meanwhile, Sia calls on Jiho to attempt at seducing him (following Baryu's advice). However, Jiho's over-cleanliness gets in the way and none of the suggested methods work on him. When their conversation draws towards books, Jiho realizes that Sia hasn't read any of his works yet. Sia, who takes something from the shelf despite Jiho's strict rule: not to touch anything, is surprised to find that Jiho also has a magazine with her interview in it. Jiho reluctantly explains that he bought it because he wishes to know more about Sia. At this, Sia takes up it for a cue and starts uncovering her top as Jiho stands startled at her action.