Episode 33
i don't think i can do that
Raw Release Date Unknown
Translation Release Date 26 Jan 2015
Volume 01
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On their date, Jiho clearly tells Sia that they cannot be in a physical relationship yet. He explains about the day when he held her arms that he did so without knowing. Hence, engaging in anymore physical contacts intentionally will be impossible to him as of yet. He suggests that they should take it slow. But Sia doesn't want to comply and stumps right at him, telling him clear and aloud that she needs to be in a physical relationship with him.

The following day, Sia touches Jiho under many pretenses: in the morning, when throwing away garbage and even following him to bookshop. Jiho gets annoyed and asks her directly why she has been doing such things. Sia explains that she needs to make him used to her touch quickly so that they can be in a physical relationship. At this, Jiho tries to convince her that love is not only about physical contact, in can also be platonic.

However, Sia doesn't agree with Jiho's theory of love. Inside her apartment, she despairs at the thought of starving to death because she has decided on Jiho as her only ideal food. Also, it being her first time dating someone, Sia is at a loss how to approach. Sia has been thinking for a way to make Jiho get in a skinship with her when she gets a call from Baryu. He tells her about the yukata he has bought and starts fantasizing, albeit getting yelled at for it. Sia suddenly realizes that Baryu can be her perfect 'advisor on love' and fixes up a meeting with him. When Baryu hangs up the phone, Sihwan inquires whether he will really meet up with her. Baryu reveals that he is determined to find out if Sia is serious about the guy from the other day.

Sia and Baryu meets up at a cafe and Sia immediately gets to the point. She asks him for advice regarding how to seduce a man. Baryu's perverted thoughts don't help her much. Seeing Sia get all serious, Baryu freaks out thinking that she has actually been seeing someone. Sia admits it, much to Baryu's displeasure.