Episode 31
it's just the beginning..
Raw Release Date
Translation Release Date 12 Jan 2015
Volume 01
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Baryu and Sihwan have just arrived in Korea after their hectic trip in Japan. Having passed the fan mass, they get into the van and Baryu asks his manager whether they have any other schedule that day. When the manager replies they're free for the day, Baryu gets all cheered up. He has plans to see Sia and give her the yukata he has bought. To Sihwan's annoyance, Baryu gets in a fantasizing mood wondering if he'd be able to see his Simba's bare skin. He then calls Sia but her number is off.

At home, Jiho is having a hard time without Sia around. He can't focus on his work and on the past few days, he has been feeling all cramped up and worried. Jiho realizes that all these have been happening because Sia isn't around. She is the first person to whom he opened up his heart. He takes the framed picture of himself and Sia, and asks her to give him a call, telling he doesn't even need the fairy tale book anymore. He then wonders what he really wants to do with her...

Sia returns to Korea and calls her manager Miss Kim to update the agency on her Italy trip since she couldn't do it when her phone got lost. Then she checks her phone and is surprised to find 14 messages from chicken.

When she calls Jiho, he is outside and answers with a yelling round of worry. He asks her where she has been and she tells him all about the trip to Italy and her lost phone. She assumes he has been worried because he might have thought she ran away with his book. She explains that she hasn't returned him the book having thought she'll never see him again. All this while, Jiho hardly listens to the phone and rather stares at the back of the real person who has been before him all along. His heart throbs as he stares at Sia from back and wonders what he wants. Sia talks away and realizes Jiho hasn't been responding. She checks if the phone hasn't disconnected and all on a sudden, Jiho grabs her hand. He tells her they can go out together, to dine, to have tea, to watch movies or visit the zoo again - he'll do whatever she tells. He admits he doesn't even need the book anymore and just wants her to be with him.

While Jiho has been holding Sia's hand and asking her out, Baryu stands behind a wall and watches all of it with depressed eyes.