Episode 27
Jihos mother
Raw Release Date Unknown
Translation Release Date 15 Dec 2014
Volume 01
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The scene opens with a woman checking her emails.

Elsewhere, Sia is frustrated over getting no replies from Jiho's mother even it's been three days already. Her sister, Moran advises her to not get involved in her prey's personal life. As Sia continues to ponder aloud what type of a mother does not want to see her son, Moran elaborates that she must have had a serious reason to divorce her husband and leave little Jiho alone. She further suggests that Jiho's mother could possibly be relishing her anguish on Jiho. In any case, Moran reminds Sia that she has only one page to give Jiho and tells her to give up on rescuing her prey which is too much of a burden for someone who hasn't grown up at all. Sia attempts to pull-off a pout but it's no use to her sister who reminds her that she has been wasting her working time. Sia leaves after a final declaration to her sister that she'll cure her prey and prove that she's a grown-up.

Sia keeps on thinking of Jiho during the rest of her day at the shootouts. She realizes that she had got everything she had wanted quite easily so far in her life. But Jiho's is the only energy that she has been obsessed with which she might not happen to find again had she let it go. That warm energy from Jiho purifies her. With all the intense feelings, Sia accidentally absorbs too much energy from a co-model. The shootout calls a pack-up for the day. Suddenly Sia receives a response from Jiho's mother.

At midnight, Jiho has been up working on his writing while his doorbell rings. He wonders who it might be. But with a few more continuous rings he realizes it can only be Sia. He meets her at the door, clearly uneasy (on the defense) and blushing for the past mysterious experience with her. However, Sia cheerfully asks him to meet her on Sunday at 3 pm. Since she'll have to hand over the last page, she wants to give him a special surprise. Jiho blushes furiously over it (imagining naughty things) while Sia retains her gleeful attitude.

Later on the appointed day, Jiho meets Sia. He has come prepared (with shirt all buttoned-up) but is taken by surprise when Sia tells that they're going somewhere nice. As they reach a cafe, Jiho wonders why she has brought him there. Sia replies that she wants him to meet someone. Jiho reveals that he doesn't like meeting new people but is shocked to see his mother waiting for them as they walk into the cafe.