Episode 26
Raw Release Date Unknown
Translation Release Date 8 December 2014
Volume 01
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Sia decides to reward 'chicken' (Jiho) for the meal (his energy) by giving him two pages of the story book at once. This puts Jiho in an even more uncomfortable state added that he is already uneasy thinking about what might have happened last night between himself and Sia.

Both Sia and Jiho decide to thank each other. Jiho even attempts calling on Sia for the first time ever but finds it too much for him. He is about to leave, wishing that they might just bump into each other and instantly he comes face-to-face with Sia who has just arrived from work. When Jiho thanks her, Sia remarks that it is she who ought to thank him as she took 'something precious' from him the previous night. Jiho misunderstands and gets confused pondering over what 'precious thing' has been taken from him.