Episode 25
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Volume 01
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Grieved at the death of the goldfish, Jiho calls Sia and apologizes in all earnest for being unable to take proper care of it. Sia takes the opportunity to lead the distressed Jiho to a bar and offers him a drink to sooth his sorrow. Although unwilling at first, Jiho drinks and proves that he is absolutely vulnerable to alcohol. In his drunken mood, he reveals the story of his childhood to Sia.

Jiho's parents divorced when he was only a kid. His mother left him with his father and the latter remarried. Jiho's stepmother mistreated him and implanted the idea that his mother had left him because he's a dirty child. From then on, little Jiho kept himself scrupulously clean; avoiding contact with anyone and even not making friends, only so that his mother might realize that he is not dirty and come back to him. However, that never happened rather Jiho gradually fell victim to mysophobia. 

Sia takes the unconscious Jiho back home. As she lays the body on the couch, she gets an irresistible desire to 'touch' him.